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The Classical

If you appreciate anything ancient and inveterate, then the classical style is the most proper design for you. Because “Old is Gold” as well as the classical style reminds us about the beautiful ancient details which we always miss.

The classical design is marked by soft and warm colors, making you feel comfortable and calm.

Our experienced designers are able to inspire this style and adapt it in each piece of furniture you will choose to reflect the classical style beauty.

The Modern

Do you tend to practical decorations and styles? Don’t you like too many colors, details and patterns in your furniture? Do you like accuracy and making your home perfect?

So, your first choice will be the modern style, as this style is marked by clear designs, less small details, using one color designs and tend to specific geometric shapes such as rectangles and squares away from circles and curves.

We are experts in this style of decorations in Alexandra, as we have a group of decorators who are specialists in designing and executing the modern style.

The Modernized

The modernized style was appeared in the latter half of the twentieth century for the first time. It’s an amazing style because it brings together the uniqueness of the past and the simplicity of the current era. You can say that, this style is for the people who love beauty, uniqueness and simplicity.

In Alexandra, we present very various collection of modernized furniture and decorations.

The Islamic

The Islamic style is considered as the most fascinating and inspiring interior designs, as it takes its roots from the Islamic civilization in ıts different eras. And this style became so trendy in our recent times generally and in UAE in particular.

Because it’s marked by incredible shapes, designs, decorations, columns and brackets, reflecting the beauty of the Islamic architecture.

In Alexandra, we present a various and unique collection of interior designs on the Islamic style as well.